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September 15, 2017








Produce the extruded aquafeed and pet food: at high quality standards, technologically advanced and efficiently.

Textured soy protein (TSP): all about its production.

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Today EXTRUtec's goal is to promote the extrusion technology for creation of efficient and highly profitable business.


Our task is to create the conditions for a successful experience exchange between manufacturers of extruded products, scientists and newcomers in the field of extrusion.


The main attention will be paid to the practical experience HOW-TO get the extruded products.


Demonstrating the equipment in operation, we’ll show the technology of aquafeed production, pet food, as well as the technology of food texturate production.


Everyone will be able to see not only the process of getting the ready extruded product, but also to find out more about the design features of the equipment.


After the machines’ demonstration, we organize the Q&A discussion platform to bring up the problematic technological issues. Everyone can ask a question a group of experts or other participants and get the answers based on their scientific researches or practical experience.

All rational comments will be taken into account for further technological solutions at BRONTO company.


The answers of experts are recorded and will be available at the website bronto.ua


Now we are creating the EXTRUtec COMMUNITY for those who are constantly in contact, for those who improve the bundle of practical knowledge and exchange their experience.

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